SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems allow operators, engineers, supervisors, and CEOs of manufacturing facilities to visualize, control, and analyze plant floor data in order to make decisions about improving processes.

What services we provide

SCADA/HMI Services
SCADA combines software and hardware to create a control system that is frequently referred to as automation technology. The system receives data about processes and related equipment, which supervisors then use to control and optimize operations.
When you hire Core Automation, you gain access to a vast resource pool of professionals with decades of experience in telemetry applications. We specialize in wireless communication systems for your remote monitoring and control needs. With our custom designed wireless systems, you no longer need to be at your computer terminal to monitor your SCADA system. We can create a mobile wireless SCADA system that allows you to move freely around your plant, city, state, or even around the world, and still stay in contact with your process using your laptop or palmtop computer

High Performance

A strong track record in SCADA underpins our reliable, flexible and high-performance solutions for industrial process customers.
  • Harness an increasing array of data sets
  • Enhanced visualizsation capabilities offer an improved view of operations
  • Real-time, holistic situational context helps improve efficiency and facilitate timely corrective action.
  • Powerful intuitive real-time monitoring

Operational Excellence

World-leading capabilities and innovative user experience empower operators to meet complex operation requirements.
  • Securely visualizse enterprise-wide operations
  • Quickly navigate displays following intuitive modern designs
  • Create a single common information stream
  • Continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support

Customized SCADA systems to meet all requirements

System Design
With decades of experience, we can help you build a control system that will serve you now and be flexible in the future.
Supervisory Control
We build robust SCADA systems that are both efficient and a pleasure to use.
Data Mining
Analyze and perfect your process with historical and up to the minute process data.
We are committed to providing secure solutions in an increasingly hostile digital environment.
We stand by our work…when you have a problem or question, we are a phone call away.

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