System Automation

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Industrial Automation Services

Faster, more efficient operations is achieved through system automation, when executed correctly. Sansree provides industrial automation services for a variety of plant applications across all leading technology platforms. Our proven approach to project design and implementation has helped us deliver superior results for companies looking for

Industrial Automation and Process Control
To protect your factory automation investment, Sansree's controls engineers can assist you during the initial equipment and process design phase. By providing a controls perspective to your project from the outset and assisting in the identification of any gaps in the process design and software stack, you’ll save time and money in the long run while eliminating shortcuts and achieving optimal process control.
Enterprise Integration
Every manufacturing organization performs several functions to operate on a day-to-day business. Many of these functions are covered by software systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning , Quality Management Software , Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and automated control systems at the plant floor. Adopting an enterprise integration strategy provides many benefits:
(i)More timely, accurate, and data accessibility to improve decision making.
(ii)Reduction of data entry and redundant data entry resulting in increased labor effectiveness and accuracy of data.
(iii)Sharing of data and automated transactions between disparate business systems.
(iv)Increasing production repeatability and adherence to customer specifications.
(v)Enhancing effectiveness by increasing production time, performance, and quality.
Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
Digital transformation occurs when all the people, assets, and business systems in your enterprise are connected, allowing all stakeholders to know the state of the business and make informed decisions in real-time. The holy grail is adding machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict future outcomes and recommend adjustments to improve future outcomes.
With our expertise and collaborative approach, we'll help you harness the power of technology and unlock new opportunities for growth.
Step 1: Identify Problems & Current State
We conduct sessions with individual functions within your organization, including operations, engineering, quality, finance, HR, sales, etc., to identify challenges and assess the current state. .

Step 2: Define a Digital Transformation Strategy
We work with your leadership team to establish the purpose of digital transformation within your organization. Data is an extremely valuable byproduct of any manufacturing organization - it generates actionable information and empowers leaders to make faster, more well-informed decisions.

Step 3: Define the Minimum Technical Requirements & Architecture
Rather than choosing a vendor or software platforms, identify technologies that will enable digital transformation at scale, such as: Open Architecture: Interoperability is essential for effective communication and data exchange between diverse systems, applications, and devices.
Edge Driven: The intelligence pushes the payload. Data should be modeled with context as close to the source as possible, removing the need to repeat this where it’s consumed.
Report by Exception: Changes publish to the architecture, not polled.
Lightweight: The protocols utilized should be lightweight and scalable to an enterprise solution.

How we work

Understanding and resolving our customers’ challenges is our main priority, whether it’s servicing existing systems, troubleshooting production issues, or responding to emergency situations.
Because we understand not only your processes and the technologies driving them, but also your business, you can count on us to deliver quality, expert-level service each and every time.
Sansree understands that manufacturers must meet increasing production demands and invest in complex automated processes to support their objectives.
In the event of a network disruption, cyberattack, or equipment failure, having a comprehensive asset inventory helps quickly identify affected devices and plan an efficient recovery strategy. A manufacturer can achieve cost savings over time by optimizing OT asset management, enhancing security, and reducing downtime.
To support your unique business goals, we offer varying levels of flexible service agreements to help you successfully respond to these demands.

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